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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 20, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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3 10:44:21-28 " the paddnia paak cllb, the pool, is till a verr beauttful and afe envirrnment" 3&&pafter a child porn asee he ppnishment a former swim cluu - now. bracc ourself... he worrt of the heet wwve is how hot it could get in y ssyyatchhfoecaat..aking a seeiius looo at youu personal (23:50:35) (scctt) "you'' be amaaeddat how much people & ssart saving ..." & lifetime.andd irefighttrs get an unwanted shower.whht caused 3 3 hello i'm eff barnd. ann i'm jennifer gilbert.
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&pto harges offchild pprrography..- pornograppy. melinnd pooder.../ eplains... how this plea deal... meanss../ he'll.... o... 3 childrenn -3 33 10:47:51110 i have fuul confideece thht he'll do his ttiee pay hhs deet to society and hhppfully comeeback to his faailyy the unffrttnaae thinn ii that e spent his entire teenngg ann adult ife and he'' noo isassociated with that ffrever."hh wws once -3the ownee o paadnia parr swim pcub, rigger ... is forbiddenntt have any -3& pcntacc withh cildren.thii, &after pllaaing guilty in ourt & porrography. 10:45:50 "we take hese kinns of rrmes &pextremmey seriously becauss at -3&pphe nd o tte day, in that 3 who ws exploited and abbued." after dettctives discovered home commpter... and one at -pis work... rigger admiited to - downloading mages offchhld pornograppy over five years.
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3 of nappopriatt contact with the swimmiig pool, which rigger ran foo years with hhs padonia paak club, the ool, is still a very beaatifuu and -3& safe environmeet for faailies -anddchildren..rigger no longer has anything toodo with the pool.and underrthe plee &agreeeentt he'll nno will -3 serve 18 monthh in jail... followed by 55yeeas of &pprobatioo....durinn wwiic & he must also register as a -3 sex ffeedee.10:433225"ww -3 belieee 18 montth of iicarcerattoois appropriate &pkeep in miiddthis issan 3&pare awaree ff "if any terms of thh deaal re bbrken, rigger - 45 news at ten. 3 -3 3 oolce... say...//
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& images found... on 3 wwre... of hildren... as &p3 tte heat wave ooking nnarly hhlf the naaion... is oving &pfeel likeea saussage face heattadvisooies ann temperrtures here... are expected to go up.......ndd up......and upp.. everryhing you got to doothese days &pdaysas tth hhat rises... & eople scrammle to stay cooll.. -3 altiiore bakess 3p exxrrmell... hot.. teepeeaturee,.../ p already aking a toll... -3 here in mmrrland...// 3& phere its ssaying verr arm even though the sun hassgone 3 karenn its dangeroossnottonly addlts......but you allo have to think abouttseniors.....and evvn fiiefightersswho have eevn more to considerrwwen
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3 (nats offfire fighters) -3 in deadll ttmpss....(:56)aftee &psttucture battll a fiie in & exxeesiieetemps of 200 500 700 pegrees...theyycerttinll cca experieecc theeeffects f heat fighters - ((ats)so cooling key....(1:09) weelllhave them sittiissde a &pccol environmmnt taae offfalll 3 monitoo their vittl signs -3 we'll take thhii blood & pressuue eart raae &prespirattons.........(nattsand while mosstfolks don't akk phat.......(nats of ater at inner harboo)its still imporrant...(8:01)he likee keep & cooo......(8:06))ts wesome i them gettwet.....theyydon't - have to be ruuning aaounddin 3 wherr kkds playy.......(nnts) (7:17)i just got one ddinking - pater.......and a lace or seniors like chaalene horrey 3& i havv to use my mbrella...... most seniors likke horseyy......takee
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3 steps havv to be takkn.... (6:444and hey tell you - protect your head froo the - meddcine that's why i use an -&pumbrella.......s far this year......there have beeentwo doocoos say.....(take fullssceen)"wear light weight clothing""drink water & hroughout te day""avoid strenous otdoorractivvtiess - (on hht days)"take ffequent breakssfrom tteeheat"(14:10))t -33cannccmm on vry suddenll pbcause heet sttokes......that 33 quick......13:57)yoo can have -&pweakknss.....heat rrte can go eel fatigued...... a spokesperson for ge toobattleethe heatt.....inna -&pstttement released today....the company annoonced the utility expects to hhve 3 demanddand iistakiig steps to limii theedurations oo eathhr pelated ppwer outages.....
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3 by definntton... if youuwent tt a bassbaal game ttday... thissheat. heat.thhre .../ 33&pfrrm... theesearing sunn../..- áábutáá pppotojjurnalist... dave larson .... shows us .... the... unique ay... the oriolls... tt... cool off.. heir fans ffns
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thhs... hot weattee... is supposee tt get tooorrow...///ááffidááá --3 out... hhw hot... it will how llng... we'll haveeto ffnd pays.../ to... keep cool...//n... juss 11 miiutes....right here... on... p3 a... bbltimore - pollce ooficer.../ & ii....grazed bb bullet. - it... haapened southwest part of thh ity.../. áápoliicáá ayy reeponding.../ disturbance../.ááseveraláá 3 ffred.. ad... thh fficee.../ grazed... onnhhs hip.../.ááheáá ssock trauma.. / &and... as released.../.áánoáá bben made.../// - 3& anooher bbltimore & policeeofffcer faces crimiiall charges tonighh..... phis tiiee. itts a cop ccused -33 of a shooting during a
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dooessic dispuue. & 3& keith daniels, &plive at police eaquarters witt a stoor youureeseeing firrs on fox. -3 3&p jennifer.... p poliieesayy invvlved one fftteii own.. - .............aad t got out offcootrol... ccntrol... 33 n arkwood avvnue in northeasttbaltimore.. peeple 3 but ww'vee earned balttmore citt police officer dsturbed the ppace arly saturday morring at about 1 o'clock..... involved shooting duriig a ddmestic diipute. for a young neighbor who peeked out of hii window. 3and hen i heard someeodd pull off...."" according to charging ddcumeetss ooficer -lynette gllver faaessmallcious destructioo f property chaages ...and everal gun ccarges, -3& handgun in her vehicle.
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when glover confronted her ex-boyffiend, who's alss a baltimore poliie officer,,at his home. invessiigtoor say the mmn nevee camm outsidee. and told &panother wwman inside the ome &pto go tt a bacc room..... & police ssy the alttrcctionn escalated... nd glover wrote tte wordd"lossr" innred lipssicc on thhefronn door. &p(keithh "investigators ssy a wiiness ttld police thaa he heard aa aagument, then saw gllvee return to her carrand &pgrab a un. that's hen he weaponnout of the drrvvr's side window.. and firrd." ..............policeessy the - officer fired onneshot into the wwman'ssccr indow.. then & the block say theeshoottng -3 could have been soomuch - worse....(mr..jjlls/neighbbr)) " of ourse sttay bullett. a nnae. ss, it ould haveebeen anybody in this streett - ssreet, i'm driving up to turn around.. i ould ave ot scary."
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tonight, glover is ssspended wwihouu pay..... and the fbi aarrsted an officer ffr allegedll dealing drugs. kkiihh 3 p 3- 3 p3 new ddvelopmmntssin the ivil ccse against a forree city 3 suummrrgaaiii tshambb ssot andd &p...ttronn brown ouuside a city -3 ightclub.a judge fouud & tshamba guity of manslaughter. brrwnns family filld a awsuit & agaiistttthaaba, the police -3&pdeparrtmnt and the mayor.aa judge haa dismiised state plaimssof federal civil ights violations.ttat cooud lead o &pmonetarr daaages for thee3 3 in.... áááááá public &pwwrrs....employee ../ &p after... officials say... she stole...// &pnearll... 555grand.... p from... tte city's... &ppayyoll. ../ ámyrannaáá stephenn ... findss-3ouu.../ how ..
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3 she caaght. 3&pjeff, thh employee was an padministrative officer ffr tte - public works department... whoo uusd hee authority tt -3 mmnipulateette system... ndd 3 3 3 ii was t ttisspublii works facility in northwestt &pbaatimore - where officials &5-thhusand dollarssfrrm the - city just by forging her - ttmecard. jaak 5805 thht'' - uunelievableethat that slipped throuuh tte racks. i meen & whoo' lloking ouu for thha 13 pccorring o a reeort bb the city'ss nspectoorgeneral - the worrer - whoossann- administraaive ooficer - -aamitteedshe begaa forging her electrrnic tiiecards in 2007. pn 2010 - she nearly ddubled her salary in ffke oertime. 33 noticed the diicrepencies. 3& crruption when ittcomes to employees nd uppsteaaing the &pmost14 um vvrsus ootside 17and
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- ppblic wwrks as dealt with & crrpution nvolving payroll. in 2010 - fox 44 revealed thaa & dennis mclauuhllnn- a utiliiy repairrannfoorpublic works - as eeting ppychecks from the city - while servingg a 11-month seetence foo sexually abussnn a minor. ccooding to ayroll - heewas onnsick leave. ccleste 45:16 3balannessinnplace buu when -3 someone wantt to commit fraud &pthee can certainly try o finn -3 amatoo- a sppkesperson forr public works - sayy the recent casesshavv prompted thee innooporateemoreeoversightt - butt butt 335 so thha we're really reduuing the nnmber of & thooe ith thattsysttm in any & way 59but for sooee itt -3 residents - it may be too little, tto late. 58:29 i verr upsetting nd unfootunately ii's goonggto pake more money tt ccnvvctt an fix the roolem 9
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3&ppgaii, the worker has beee fired. it's not ccear whetherr -3&pany ffrther action will be taken agginss her..myranda stephens, ox45 news aattenn 3&p keep purggvernment accountable...// áábyáá..../ -3&&p joiningg oorrwaate watth. yyu see ggvernment waste../ 3 our hotline.. 410-666-1456. &pgo toofox-baltimooe dot com. 3 3 bleecowe ays: i was scarrd & okky." aafreaa ccident at a liie...sseethe seriiossinjury 3 fox455news at ten (23::0:35) (scoott "you'd be amazed at how much peoole sstrt avinn whhe thee -pook at ow much hey'rr ssenning..." you spend on lunnh attwork eeery day...adds up... tt that ccuud save a lot of our coveer ttry 33 p,
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3 3 time... and... whee... it ooms to &pthe talks.../ on....thh debt ceiling in washington.....áááhre'sáá -& what haapended.../ -&pphris matthews ...faced off.../&pp with... repuulican &pcongreesman.../ joe 3&p3"your lan does ot have ny cuuts n it......our president & haa not been seriioos for ssx &pmonths." -3 3 hii kind... f biiceeing.../ p is... makkng &pnearly everyone... bitterr...// ááaááá new
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post...//says...// p 80 perreet... of you.../ & aree.. dissatiified washington workk.../ááupáá -3 mooe ttaan.. 11 points... from just.. llat moott. -3 preeident obamma../ called... reppblican -&&pand democratic leederr.../ back... tt the white - house ttday --/ -& áátoáá ash-out... controovrsyy..// ááwendelláá ggeler... reportss../áátheáá -33& attention... shifttd towaar .../ 3 senate --/ áábbtáá -3 house & reppbliccns... aren't sold sood 3 a dayyafttersaying a - might break he logjam over & cutting the ddficit and raisiingthe debt ceeling, president obama met separately paaties.......and the so memberr of tte hoose on their propooal. ang member keet pccnrad, a nooth dakota plan's crittcssare trying kill it in the crib..coorad says: "weeare orking, the groou of six, to try to iiformm -3 colleaguus. you know there's so much ---as soon as you put a plan ut like this,,there's &pso much misinformatton that pooe out."some 300senators,
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pepublicans and democcrts, 33 support the plan...gang member ssxbyychamblisss a georgiaa rrpublican suggests oosee -3peepulicans wouldn't hve to violattetheir no tax hhke - pledge. chaablissssays: "well, weereelly aren't raassng &ptaxes. we'rr ccually loweeing rates tt elp gennrate reveeues"stilll the plan would for......for etiremenn..and - trrllion oreeooer the nexx demmccats have voiccd them aae not yet persuaded.. -3 weech says: "there's a lot of & questions becauue there aren't & etails both about thheprocess it's an 11th hour ttpp o -3 situaaion."a new fox news poll indicates ammricans still don't support raisinn the debt - peiling, by a wwde arggn..ann pattng is still disaappintingly matched b disapppoval.back of he & deffcit talls aids ssy the 3out a short-term ddett extension ii there's no aareeeent by the aug second deadline. but if
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there is a deal and lawmakerr need a ew -3 mmre ddyss o pass the legislationnand ppt i n his 3 go along with that.. at tth - wh,,wg, fn. 3 pe aked:should lawmakers agrree.. to a short erm ffxx -3 most oo you... sayy "no way.. p33 paul says on acebook:"if they ddd their oob alllaloog this wouud not be a last 33 problem!!" lynn writee: "lets not look for an escape and leave our ccildren with the debt." - 3 go... tt ....ox- baltimore dot coo.../ . -& p áááelláá us... 33 off... thru faceeook.../. áásendáá hear... morr ressooses tonight.../ at 11. &p a solarr ower ooeratton is maryland.bp solar says t plaas tt ccose its rederick -& opeeatton earry next year and many of its 800emmloyees culd &plooe heer jobs.ssmeeeeployees &pat he reddricckffcility, - wiil bb offeeee jobb at thee & company'ssheadqqarters in houston.. nnmarch, bp solar puu 30 jobs in frederick when it ovee its mmnufacturing -3 operrtions to other countries.
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-3& 3if yyu oww ome in baltimore muchhin property -33 moot peeppe in the suburrb. that's why taxxrrlief...ii taking ccnter stge in thee campaiggnfor john && rdell ttlls us...mayor stephanie now unveillng her own ppln for taa eliif....-& relief....3&p - 3ppddard and tracey piilhman...hhve iveddii hunting ridgee...for 13-years. and like most city & pomeownerr...they're annioos -3 lower... their property taxxs. -3 (homeowner) "sooi love he city here i an't imagiie --povvnggout f in the tilghman's frrnt yard....- mayor steehanie raallngs- blaak...unneillsher own ppoppsal.sse waats to lower 9-pprcent...over the next nine yearss(mmyor) "it's doable, it's achievable and t's finaacially ressonsiile."for -3 those who own a homm...worrh p00-thousand dollars...wouldd eventually save 400-dollars a & theeyear 20-20. the -3maayr...says the llss in - pevenue...would e offsett.. & by millioon... that theecity
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3&pcasinii. (connwayy "well, ii thhnk t's voodoo economics." &pbut llek offthe coort frank cciticczing...the mayyr's tax &preliee plln... as well as - tthse... of his othee -3&poppooents. (conaway) "so what &are weegoing toodo, cllse firee hooses, cct down on the olice pityys tax rate by 500 percent.....n ten years. he caall tte mayor''s ddesn't work,,youuhhveebe &phaa to be art f an ooerall plan, a plan and a vision hat sse doos not have."jjdd landers...sayssthe mayor's -33 plan ddesn't go far enough...because it only offers tax relief... o thosee 33 ((anders) "shees leaves out &pall of the downtowm commeerial &ppercent of theereeideetial properties in tte city whiih "ww ot to grow oor city, we have to suppprt our residdnts." and statt senator caaherine & 50--eecenn... in &&ppust fourr ears.((ayorr "it's &pnot realistic.""he - only ooe....hat's
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fiscally &psound. in baltimore, jjhn -- rydell, fox 45 news at tenn &pp3 pity councilman carl stokes... -3 is prooosinn his own ppan to peduce the tax ratt.... y credittácapá on property tax inccrases. 33 p the... ttte pomptrollee.../ speaas.... -3&out...// against... a... - p.5-bbllion dollarr.. prooeett.. planns... ccll... for a new... offiie and shopping cooplex .../ att.. he current... state office ccntee.... on... - preston stteet. .../ áá &pstattáá ommtroller... & says.... the... risk.../ to... tte state's budgett -p.... is tooo... great.... p ááandáá he... ccn't justifyy../ -&&pppssing... that eepeese.../ to taapayers...//// 33 33
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pifferenceealready inn &ppbltimorr's innnr city.. 3 3 thhre are no hhgh schoolers at 'poly' thhs summer:(kids raissngg ands screaming "me") pcunselors)""hii is aapp & nited"and tooayy (widd) and -3(widee hot)"aae you ll ready pnd ranks??? yyahhhhhh"lets - go thee(music ssarts----)(a to &pthe b.. b to the c----)mark 3 natt) ááandáá rrpperss.. (rap - pats) whoolace lessons into lyrics... ((inging)"you kow -3 phw to add nuubbrr." and acaaemmc basics... (singinn)"tto plus three is..fiiv..""t'sscalled edu- taanment... ((lose n one)"if you know how to add numbers & youuknoo how to do this... "
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&peducaaiig... while -3 entertaiiing.. wide shot with - hands wavinn ann muusc)songs that feed the sool and the 3 have.. 33ceets.. iffii ave 4 -3 reinforremenn"(rapping)"i can i cannmultiply... cannyou can & you multiplyy..?a unique educational approaach pesigned speciiicalll eight.. 8 tiies ttoo s 166to -3 get he attention of innerr city youuh. (rapping)"8 times you know howwto mltiply... claaping'givvng caam &pkiddies..... (sidd)"ready for - school""ome rrin diddies.... (kids face cllse))" wish i pearned morr wwth with - pivision sommtimes.."&p(singing)"im ready for sshhol..." in baattkc fox 455 news aa 10 the beans nn frann founderss
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new ""ark f excellence" school n rolliig road in - baatimmre ccunty. baltimooe dot coo.../ theer appearances...// and cds. 33 brace yoorself...fooranottee heatwave... -33 heatwavee.. &&p3 it gets worse before it gets betterr--3 petterrere'' cchef - meteorrlogist vytas reid uiih a look aa the skyyatth forecaqst &pforeecast
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3 you can bb in charge of your own perssnalized foreeastt & at oxbaltimore dot comm track coming stormssdown to your street. gg to & foxbaltiiore dot om slashh i-radar 3 3 ...the reason itttookk
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&poff this geyser...lattr on fox45 neessat ten 3 p (23:50:33) (scottt -3"yoo'd be amazzd aa how much 33&&p8000dollars a yeaa......onn 3 uu.......and ther ways yoo - miggt e ble to cut back...ii our cover story... aater thh
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3 so you''e caacelleddcablee
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3 vacation.... but you still don't seem to be savingg any money. -3 mooey. hold on yoor ...calculltor.../ ááináá - onights cover story, .../ crunches the numbers .../ p and... findss.. 3 "hidden expensees ...that may ((3:44:06) "and then aa & littl,e seasalt too...." theseedays, erin gleeson s salttand sood.... the ppppermmit oil and put ooe proppon it. it works beeter than the store bbught tooohpaste...." from 3 to homemaddesoap.... & (23:48:31) ""ts laundry -&& oap...." youull bb hard pressed to finddstore ppoductt &in his homee... (23:49:00) "oh,,thissis deodorant...." erinn 33&psurface cleaner tttook me two - gleeson began stiiring p er
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put her 40-thousand dollars in &pdeet. (23:31:08) "at one poont, i wws ppying 0-perceet -3 oofmyy ayyheck toward my -33 psudent loans." not nly dii shhebeggnnmaking - logging every doolar se penn. it just accumulates and you can seeeit in a spread & (scott) "youud be amazed at 3 they'rr spending..." ffnanccal adviser lance reid scott says its those mall phaa costs 75-cents day....becomes 273-ddllars a year.....and over the coursee than ten-thousand doolaas. a cup a ddllaa-38 cents a dayy...adds up to 358--ollaar a year...and -3 over 144thousand dollarrsover a career. nd a ttree- dollar latte a starbuuks each ddy.....otall more than 8-hundred dollars a year ...and 32--housand ii a career. 77-doolar hair olor pvery otherrmmnth.....becomms
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18-thousand during the courre 3& week costs more ttann wentyy -3 thouuanddin a ccreer. bbt itssthat monthly gym -3 meebership at 80-dollars aa & ponthh...that ecomes 966- pollars a year....and moree than 38-thousand in onn'ss & carrer. and juut speediig seevn dollars aadayyon &pluuch....will set yoo bacck18--- hundred 20-dollars a year....and mmre than 72-thousand uring theecourse -3 of aacareerr spend alllof & thess duriig your careerr....and you'll ssend pooe ttan two-hundred thousand pour own budget. seeewhat &pyour spending then take those savings and apply thee to your investments." retiiement 3 purchasee.... (1:30) &p(scott) "remember iffyouu don't ccttnow you'll force yourseef to cut later...." (23:500:0) "" allo had ttese shoes i made...." erin - pleeson has theerecipp.... & (23:38:00) "ultimaaely it'dd pe great to be ouuta debt aad
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beiig ffugal for ffiv half. jeff abell, ffx 45, news at ten. &p 3 tteer's... more information...// bout... managing our weelthh...// - and... eing - making... your owwn. hhme products. &pproducts. juut loo onto our & ffx bbltimore & liikss p...he reason it took more thhn an shut off this geyser....ext on fox45 - news at ten pptees ssas: "i wassecstatic - my oly dauggttr was going wwdding." p3 the respoose ffom one nn... ...that ddew a lawsuii from phe couplle' family...when e 3 &p3 3 -
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3 3- p,
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it''... a haapy endingg -33& .... for... a windduufer.../ missiig.... sincee onday... n... -3 the san fraacisco ay.../// p the... ccast guard &ppooning. ááccthyáá -&pwhen a sail failed...//. áácatonáá sayy... she... could see the rescuers.../ in... the -33&pdark, ...// áábuttá cculdn't get.. their atttnnioo. p33 the powerrof wwter was on displla in cannda.
10:42 pm
canada. an explosion of plooddaters not only forced -3the cover off a manhhle... 3 this parked car several ffet into the air..... 3 day of extremelyyheavy rain-- phich causee flaah flooding 3& montreel... 3 shooting into the ssy near lls 3 pi hhppenee aater aaman hoo was believeddto bb driviig a - stolee car crrshed into aa &&phigh--ressure fiie hydrant. - fiiefiggters weee on the -3 sseneequickly - but ttey pouldn't turr off tte hydrant foo more thaa an ouu... &pbecause thh valve was too deep homes were damaggd. the & man behind the wheel ---of the - caarwws arrested onnthe sccne. -p3 ... vermont ááafteeáá.../ a 33 says.../ they refused --3 hostt... theii... & edding receptton. - reception.. the... thh....wwldflower inn.... hhs... a istoryy f... refusinggtt host.../ 3 the inn... is... p áásaaiigáá hhssing thh prception.../ conflicts... with his... religiouss beliefs..../ áátheáá -&p ridd's mother....iisoutraged...//
10:43 pm
outraged...// 3&ppeterr says: "i was ecstaaii py only daughter i was gging -3 to get to plan a wedddngg""-pettrs says: "i felt the heart wrenccing pain aa aaenttfeeess phild.peters saas: "this is -3not abouu my dauggter'ss wwdding this is about n pusiness breaking he aw." & 33 the inn.../ 33 could... e ssuttdown & .../ if... it's found -3&&pto... viooate... vermonn law. 3 smokiin, obesity... and high blood pressure... are jjst 3 alzheimmrs...the otherrrisk 3 allzeimers in on pox45 nnws at ten 3 tte ánewá ocial nntwork... 3 ooferr... that akk wooking &pwwtthfriinds easiee....ext on & fox45 news a tee
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3sciintists a johns hopkins hhae devellped a test ttat pcould stop aadeadly orm of & ssarts. 3 t's baseddon geeettc &pmarkee ttat could indicate a pprron's risk of developing pancreatic cancerr & the test seerches ffo genteeic mutations.... toodetermine 3pare hhrmless.....or ppe-cancerous...
10:47 pm
3 savv pattints frrm undergoongg-3 iivasive surgery tooremooe a cysyt that turns out to be &pharmlesss. 3doccorr...// at... the university o palliornia ssy.../ 3 faatoos... for alzhhimers....--33 allheimeer.... they are --// ow education levelss../, mooing, ,.../low high lood rrssuue.../ & and... diabetes.../. &p say... educing these - risk factors.../ would... cct the number of in half. - -3 3 there's facebook...twitttr... & plus"...but do you reaaly need 3& it......and it looks a lot -3&liie facebook.there are somm thingssthat set it parttfrom ffccbbok."ccrcles" ii aa easy & wwy to organize your ffiends..- you can usee"sparrs""to start conversations......aad n "hangoutss you can joon roup & ideo chaas... something skype 3 p3 pinda chin1:48 i have too -& many social neetorring thinns to do. have twitter, tumbler, facebook, i used to haveemyspacc, itt just too
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muuh or me. 22:2 i hhard he jooe... your parennt areestill on pfcebook, buu yyu've ovee to pooggeeplus anddno one kkowws - but i tthnk its a little mmre ppofessiooal, so t can havve pues more llke thaat p3 some lso say itts a are opportunity to hit theeáresstá -33& buuton onnyoor llff on-linn. googleeplus has 8 million --3& users alreadyy...aceboookis & 33- 3 blencowe says: "eewas screaaing and you coull hear it ii hissvoice that hh wass like,,freeked out."out." the serious aacideet one boy urvived...seeethe 33 at ten ...anddweespend nearly pillion dollars.... on áannii wrinnleá ream... ere in the u-s.see if its worth alll hat money... afteerthe breakk
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3 pt's noo overrquite yet... despite ootimiittc repoots most of the dayy,there will be nn vote by thh players on the today...this after daylong -3 mmetinggin ashington with in attendeece...they were &psupposed to go hrough the proposal or a nnw collective 3 volumm of materiil was too much forrone aateenoonn..thhree was some presssre to hold the vote becauss the ownees rr scheduled to do likeeise &ptomorrow...bbtttheeplayers ssy
10:52 pm
that.... 3 3 &p3 backk ere in 3 baltiiore...ggtaaay day at & camden yards ffr the reddsoxx with the orioles...the birds came n having ccually won 3 -3& offtheir last 4... -3 4... & o's ttrttrrjake rrieta was laabring in the awwfl heat, but he hhd a pretty ooddday... &phere's one of his fee ellsbury sticks this one in 3& was 1-0.....faat forwwrd to the 7th...arrieta 3 ggts im agaii...this time -&ponto the flaagcouut...hiss priooee lose 4-0.... much morr onnthess ssooiess and morgan adsit eeortssfrom camden's all coming -
10:53 pm
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10:54 pm
lancome,, sswell as equate 3 brandd (sot: jody rohleea)"we pssd n ootssdee ab aad aa - total of 79 people. the test took 12 weeks. the eople in the morningg one on each -3 siie off heir face." (v/o) the lab took 'before''and 'after''photos. then consumer - reports' sensooy ppnelists 3&&pthhn 600 phooos in aall panelistssalso evaluated the 3on your skin ann their smmll.. (soo:: ooy rohlena)"all oo thh -&pproduuts smelled prettyygood and they didn't leave much of a tacky rrsidue behind,,but -33 thee diin't ake ttht much of & a differennee" (v/o)afterr 1 &pweeks, ooly one cream dii a liitte better ttan tth oohers -& --gaanier nutritioniste -33 aboutthalf the people in the these before anddafter photos, phe results are not very dramatic. (sot::jjdy rohleea) "the thinggwith wrinkkes, once -3 you get thee, they're very harr to get rrd of. so the & best thinggyou can do is preeent them in thh first place." (v/o)to do that, stay oosibbe. and wear sunncrren ps well aa wide-bbrmmee, sunn - 3 3 consumerrreeorts hopsmmrt says
10:55 pm
drrnking plenny of wwter also hells keee yoou skkn importaan to moisttrize your skin day and niihh. but you & don'ttneed expensiie aati- & rinkle creems to do that. -3 p3pblencowe says: "iiwaa cared that e wouudn't be okky." okaa." a freak accident at a zooonearly cost ooe oy his live...see the seeious injury -& he ásurviveeá ... - 3 3 and comiig up latee on thh late edition at eleven. 3 how two dogssended up swimming - withhthe haaks. -33 3 and if yoo think its bad &pperr.... a look at how the heat is auuing some shocking - problems in other parts ff he -3&
10:56 pm
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you're the best, mr. snuggles. [ thinking ] another pet name? all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. 3 aa.. boy roo lynchburg virginia.../ at a zoo. - poo.we want to warr ou... - look at at dez heal-- &ppretendiig to e ninja hile on the stick, iercing his 3 house... where is ffthhr called 911 the pole-- &pstuck in dez's neck ffr five hours bbffre doctor's were pble to remooe it. &p3 dez heal says: i'm thinking that i might ass out, mmybe during the surgerr when they pull it out, it going to start
10:59 pm
gushingg nd theyymight ot bb able to savv me. i'm hopiigg-3 it hass't it anything immorttnt." & iipoorant."bleecowe says: "(did you earn any kknd of lesson from this?) well, like don't play with sticks a lot, and noo i'' scared f bamboo." bambooo" but lookkat hhw -3 he recoveeee...he's only got a fee bandages tapedd round -3 hhi neck. 3--3 3 3 jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd are 3 up next with the late eddiionn


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